As a volunteer you are an integral part of our success and we welcome volunteers from around the World – whether as part of an intern program, you are on holiday in India, you are part of a masterclass we are running, you live in Mumbai – we are usually able to accommodate a number of volunteers in a variety of ways.

Its a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Read on for more information.  If you are interested please email us for more information and we will be pleased to email you an information pack which includes details of an orientation each volunteer will receive as well as a code of conduct you are required to adhere too, given most of the young people we work with are under a Juvenile Act.

Weekly volunteering

On a weekly basis we require a number of volunteers for our various programs. These are currently held on a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Mumbai. Duties usually include organising the young people while we conduct music and dance performances. Encouraging and assisting them, helping serve refreshments and snacks. If you are a budding photographer/videographer or have sound mixing skills or wish to facilitate a program you are welcome to volunteer for these too.


We accept a small number of internships each year from India and Overseas. The period of internship is usually for a minimum of one month and can be up to one year. These are typically unpaid internships with the possibility of some daily allowance for food and travel.  You may be involved in planning and running programs, organising events, involved in PR and Communications and a variety of activities associated with our programs.  We would work with you to tailor your internship with  an orientation, your internship program details, reviews and evaluations and any reports that are required by your school, college/university. A minimum of 50% of your time would be spent in volunteering.

Masterclass volunteering

If you have a particular performing arts skills say in drawing or painting or in  a form of dance we would create a specific program for the young people in conjunction with yourself. This may be for one masterclass or a series of masterclasses subject to your availability. Such classes would usually take place on any week day  or possibly a Saturday.

Corporate CSR events

We are happy to work with you to plan, organise and execute your Corporate CSR events for your employees/key clients/Graduate interns. As each of these are usually tailor made it is best for us to discuss or meet in person, do contact us for further information.